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I am the CTO and co-founder of SindiceTech, a start-up company based in Galway. SindiceTech's goal is to provide new data management solutions based on expertise and technologies in large-scale semantic data management built during more than 6 years on the Sindice research project. One of the key product of SindiceTech is SIREn, a plugin for Apache Solr and Elasticsearch for searching and analysing complex nested structured data at scale.

I have graduated from a French engineering school with a major in Sciences Cognitives et Informatique Avancée (Cognitive Science and Advanced Computer Science) in 2006. My engineering school was EPITA and is located in Paris periphery.

In December 2010, I received a Ph.D. for my thesis on Information Retrieval techniques for Semantic Web data from DERI Galway at NUIG. The thesis were supervised by Giovanni Tummarello and examined by Jérôme Euzenat and Fabrizio Silvestri.

From 2011 to 2014, I was a Postdoctoral researcher at DERI Galway in the DI2 research unit, where my main objective was to develop new methods for integrating, searching and exploring semi-structured data at web scale. In 2012, I have been awarded a IRCSET EMPOWER 2012 Government of Ireland Postdoctoral Fellowship in Science, Engineering and Technology for my project on "Big Data Semantic Integration".

I was a founder member of the Sindice project (from 2006 to 2014), a search engine for Semantic Web resources that enables humans or machines to find Semantic Web documents. I was actively contributing to the project, and I was in charge of the indexing, reasoning and querying aspects. I was leading the project SIREn, which is the Information Retrieval system at the core of search engine and at the core of the SindiceTech's SIREnDB product.

From 2008 to 2010, I was contributing to the DERI's part of the Okkam project, an EU-funded project focusing on enabling the Web of Entities. From 2010 to 2014, I was contributing to the DERI's part of the LOD2 project, an EU-funded project focusing on creating knowledge out of interlinked data.

I have previously developed, with Eyal Oren, ActiveRDF, a library for accessing RDF data through programmatic objects and integrated with Ruby on Rails, and BrowseRDF, a faceted browser for arbitrary RDF data. You can find more details about these two projects in my internship report and the research publications.



Research interests
My research interests are focused on Semantic Web, Linked Data, Information Retrieval, Semantic Ranking, Big Data, Graph Analytics, Database, Compression, Data Structure, Logics, Context Awareness and Distributed systems.
Technical interests
My current technical interests are focussed on Apache Lucene, Solr, Elasticsearch, Hadoop.


While I was working at NUIG, I have supervised:

Nickolai Toupikov
Distributed Ranking of Resources in a Large RDF Data Graph. June 2008 - June 2009. (equiv. to MSc. Thesis)
Stephane Campinas
Compression of Inverted Lists. February 2010 - December 2010. (equiv. to MSc. Thesis)
Thomas E. Perry
Data Graph Summarisation. May 2011 - December 2011. (MSc. Thesis)
Pierre Bailly-Ferry
RDF Graph Summary with application to Assisted SPARQL Formulation. February 2012 - October 2012. (equiv. to MSc. Thesis)
Arthur Baudry
Evaluation of RDF Graph Summary. September 2012 - March 2013. (equiv. to MSc. Thesis)
Cecric Chartron
Retrieval and Caching for Node-Based Inverted Index. November 2012 - July 2013. (equiv. to MSc. Thesis)
Divanshu Gupta
Relational Faceted Navigation System. February 2012 - October 2013. (MSc. Thesis)


Renaud Delbru
Galway, Ireland

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